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The Rancher’s Lady: A Lake Chelan Novella (prequel novella)

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On the second anniversary of her mommy’s death eight-year-old Alyssa ditches Brownies and her best friend to take some time to herself to think about her mommy. When her daddy, Hank, finally finds her, after a frantic search, she is convinced it’s time for her daddy to remarry. And she thinks her new third grade teacher would be perfect.

Hank Jefferson is a busy rancher with three kids. Widowed two years ago, he works hard to be both mother and father, making lunches, spending quality time with each child and running the house, while also running his cattle ranch. He doesn’t have time for a relationship and doesn’t really want one. Alyssa’s third grade teacher makes his blood heat, but he knows it would be unethical for him to date his daughter’s teacher.

Ellen Truehart has moved to this new town in a remote location on Lake Chelan and a new teaching assignment to make a fresh start, she loves both the town and her class. Her past has taught her to be cautious around men and not to trust the system. When Alyssa starts acting out in class she has no choice but to call in the smoking hot father of her student to try to find out what’s wrong with Alyssa.

  • Photography by Wander Aguiar Photography
  • Cover models: Tiffany Marie and Scott Nova
  • Published September 2016

Dear Readers: Do you want to hear more about Alyssa? She makes some guest appearances in the rest of the Lake Chelan series. But her adult story is to be found in the Burlap and Barbed Wire series in Book #1 – A Cowboy for Alyssa.

Sawdust and Satin: A Firefighter Romance (Book 1)

Chedwick, Washington is on the verge of extinction. The economic downturn sent people fleeing from the remote town on Lake Chelan, businesses closed, the hotel is run down and the population is under 1000 people. But those who are still living in Chedwick have no intention of letting their town die, so they need to come up with some ideas to revitalize tourism. Stat!

One of those ideas comes from Chris Clarkson who dreams of building an amusement park. He is excited about the idea, but also fearful of taking on such a large project. He has one tiny other problem to work on, his marriage. He and his wife of nine years have grown apart as they have both followed their personal dreams. Married right out of high school their relationship was immature when they said ‘I do’ and if truth be told they were immature also. Almost ten years later it’s time to grow up their marriage and get back to working as a team.

Barbara Clarkson is working feverishly on her business to build a nest egg. Traumatized at a young age by her father leaving her mother for a younger woman, Barbara believes it’s just a matter of time before Chris walks. When her father walked out it left the family destitute and her heart broken, so she guards her heart and is determined to have enough money to see her through when Chris leaves. Their ten-year anniversary is a few months away and she’s heard many horror stories of marriages breaking at that milestone. So she has to be ready for Chris to leave and that means every second goes to her business.

  • Photography by Wander Aguiar Photography
  • Cover models: Amanda Renee and Drew Leighty
  • Published November 2016

Designs on Her: A Police Romance (Book 2)

Kristen is happy designing her jewelry on her mountain, away from all the hustle of humanity. It’s just her and her faithful dog. Until a forest fire forces her to evacuate. Coming down the mountain casts her into the town problems and sucks her into all the chaos of opening an art gallery.

Police officer Nolan is tasked with the evacuation of the few residents on the mountain. Getting this crazy but beautiful jewelry designer out of harm’s way is not the easiest thing he’s ever done. He manages to get her to safety and then he gets caught in her gallery plans. His life may never be the same.

Nolan turned his back on his talent when his sister was murdered. Caught back up in the art world, he’s torn between creating and the curse his art seems to have on those he loves.

  • Photography by Wander Aguiar Photography
  • Cover models: Amanda Renee and Scott Nova
  • Published March 2017


Smokin’: A Firefighter Romance (Book 3)

Amber Clarkson is not looking for a protector, but when volunteer firefighter and children’s book author Jeremy Scott diffuses a tense situation with a frazzled customer, and then carries her to safety when her restaurant catches on fire, she can do nothing but be thankful for his help. What she doesn’t expect, is his smokin’ hot kisses to burn through the barricades surrounding her heart. But a relationship is not in the cards, he’s much too observant and she can’t have him discovering her secret.

Jeremy is not a hero, he is simply a small-town guy, who finds himself in the right place at the right time. Helping out the delectable Amber, is icing on the cake for him, he’s always been infatuated with her from afar. When the call comes in that her restaurant is on fire and she lives above it, he’ll move heaven and earth to make sure she’s safe. A few sweet kisses make him hunger for more, but if she finds out he’s nothing but a fraud, he risks losing her forever.

  • Photography by Reggie Deanching of RplusM Photo
  • Cover models: Madison Kassaros and Michael J Scanlon
  • Published September 2017

Fire on the Mountain: A Firefighter Romance (Book 4)

Hotshot firefighter Trey Peterson is on temporary assignment above the town of Chedwick Washington on beautiful Lake Chelan. He spends weeks at a time trying to get the monster under control. On his breaks from fighting the wildfire trying to consume not only the forest but the town, he tangles with Mary Ann Thompson.

Mary Ann is interested in a summer fling with the hunky firefighter. He’s a great roll in the hay and fun to be around. It’s a relationship with an expiration date and that’s just fine with her.

Trey is not so sure he’s happy with moving on quickly. Can he convince Mary Ann to give him a chance for more? That’s the million-dollar question.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of  JW Photography
  • Cover models: Kim and Tony Hadeed
  • Published April 2018

The Fire Chief’s Desire: A Firefighter Romance (Book 5)

Trapped in the friend Zone.

Greg Jones has a great life. He’s assistant chief of the town’s volunteer fire department, he owns his own profitable tavern, and never has trouble finding a friend or one of the town’s seniors to hang out with. The only problem in his perfect life is the woman he’s loved for over a decade has him firmly in the friend zone. Not just any friend, but the best friend of her younger brother.

Sandy Anderson is at the top of her career as a video game designer. Her creation Adventures with Tsilly has had four successful releases with plans for more. She’s got a great career! When her mom has surgery she’s able to go back home to work remotely and communicate with her team in Seattle.

Greg sees Sandy’s return home for the summer as his chance. Will she believe he’s more than the love-struck boy whose longing gaze followed her every movement and that age is just a number? He’s got three months to go from friend to lover. The time starts now.

Can this firefighter find the romance of a lifetime with the woman of his dreams? Read now to find out for yourself.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of JW Photography
  • Cover models: Kyle English and Madison Howard
  • Published January 2019

Mysterious Ways: A Firefighter Romance (Book 6)

Nicole needs help. She has to find her brother. Now!

Pastor Scott Davidson is willing and able to give her that help, but he will have to reign in his attraction to the delightful lady. She needs assistance, not some guy lusting after her.

Nicole is on a quest to track down her brother. She believes he’s reverted back to his pyromaniac tendencies and she is determined to find him, before someone gets hurt. Nicole decides to trust the hunky pastor cum volunteer firefighter. He is her best chance.

Scott promises to help, but his reasons are very different than Nicole’s. This fire bug needs to be found and stopped at all costs.

  • Photography by Reggie Deanching of RplusM Photo
  • Cover models: Kristen Hope Mazzola and Bryan T Snell
  • Published March 2019

Conflict of Interest: A First Responder Romance (Book 7)

Just what every girl needs on vacation, a local gorgeous man to show her around.

Jacqueline Hurst is taking a much needed and long-awaited two-week vacation. She’s going to de-stress, sleep late, play in the water, do some shopping therapy, and read two novels. Yes two!

When she meets local, drop dead gorgeous, David, he convinces her to forget all about her plans and let him show her his home town. He’s such a sweet and fun guy, that she decides a two-week summer fling will go a long way toward de-stressing.

David thinks Jacqueline is the most perfect woman he’s ever met, but he’s got big secrets that could blow up in his face and cause the lovely Jacqueline to want nothing to do with him. Can he keep them buried or will they spill out and ruin everything?

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of JW Photography
  • Cover models: Katy McCain and Dan Rengering
  • Published September 2019

Another Chance for Love: A Common Elements Romance Project Novel (Book 8)

A Seasoned Romance.

Carol Anderson is enjoying her retirement as mayor of their small town. She is happily running her Bed and Breakfast and letting someone else steer their city. The sexy architect that arrives on the ferry to help with a building project tempts, but he is not for her, she’s been widowed too long to start all over again with a man.

Max Radcliff’s twin brother never once mentioned what a gorgeous woman, former mayor, Carol is. Max finds his body awakening after his wife’s death five long years ago, and while he’s glad to know he’s still fully functional, he’s not interested in an affair with the delectable woman.

When Carol receives the deed to a long abandoned Victorian house, Max agrees to examine it for her. The “house” turns out to be a mansion where the inside dimensions do not match the outside. Keys go missing, doors open and close, noises are unaccounted for. Neither of them believe in ghosts or haunted houses, but they cannot explain the odd things happening either.

And what does the odd poem have to do with it all? Join Carol and Max as they investigate the unexpected, including their own feelings.

  • Photography by Wander Aguiar Photography
  • Cover models: Wander Aguiar and Megan Napolatin
  • Published November 2019

Frames: A Firefighter romance (Book 9)

Enemies to Lovers. They fight like crazy and then a different kind of passion takes over.

Deborah Bryant is back to take the final series of photos for her four seasons book of the Lake Chelan area. She’s dreading it. Each time she makes it to Chedwick, she and Terry Anderson fight like wet cats, and then have angry relations. It’s hard on her heart, because the damn man won’t stay out of her thoughts while she’s out of town.

Terry Anderson knows Deborah will be back in Chedwick any day. He can’t decide whether to high tail it out of town, or meet her at the landing and escort her directly to his bed. He’s never had a woman tear him up so bad. The last time she was in town he’d damn near lost his mind.

  • Photography by JW Photography
  • Cover Models: Kodi Sawyer and Josh Sargeant
  • Published September 2020

Christmas In Lake Chelan: A Billionaire romance (Book 10)

Ted was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He lived in an affluent and very loving family until he was a toddler when his father took him away to live off the grid in the mountains above the town of Chedwick, Washington in the Lake Chelan valley.

As a teenager he was driven from his home in the mountains and subsequently reunited with his mother. Now he’s back in Chedwick to enjoy Christmas in Lake Chelan. Only to discover the busgirl has grown up into a gorgeous woman.  

Tammy spies the helicopter of the boy she’d met as a teenager. He’s not been back in years and she’s excited to see him again. 

Neither Ted nor Tammy expects the sparks between them.  

The question is: Will she fit in his world and would she want to? 

  • Published January 2021


The Author’s Lady Librarian (Book 11)

Love Harbor is a place of magic, where true love can be found.

Patty Anne LaGrange snorted at the idea of finding true love in a town, especially one clear across the country. The website where she was looking to book her vacation to Love Harbor was ridiculous. Patty Anne wanted to go there to see the history of the place. She’d just finished a lovely book on just that subject and she wanted to see the lighthouse and the caves and all the other bits of history that had been brought to life by the book she’d recently purchased for the town library. As the librarian for Chedwick, Washington, that was her job, to find fascinating books for the townspeople. But fall in love, yeah, not happening.

Gideon’s fingers flew over the keyboard. It had been a challenge to decide what to write in this third novel of his Seattle trilogy. But once he’d gotten there, the words were flying. Good thing too, since he had a deadline. His murder mystery fans caused his publisher to constantly breathe down his neck. But it paid the bills, so he wasn’t complaining.

Gideon St. James was a household name, and he couldn’t be more grateful. Fortunately, the people in his hometown of Love Harbor, Massachusetts, treated him just like a regular guy and not a celebrity, another thing to be thankful for. Even as he typed, his thoughts turned to where he would base his next series. Maybe he could continue in Washington, but over on the east side of the state. He would ask their town librarian to find him some resources.

He had no idea that she might find a woman as his primary resource.

Magical things happened in Love Harbor.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin 
  • Cover Models: Darrin James Dedmond and Michelle Lynn McLeod
  • Published July 2021

The Fire Chief’s Surprise (Book 12)

Greg Jones has had a horrible fall. His wife of only two years has been in Seattle nearly non-stop, while he’s been alone in Chedwick. A couple of quick trips between them is all he’s seen her. Not what he signed up for, he’s acted like an ass pouting about her being gone. Time to man up and make some changes.

Sandy has been working non-stop preparing for the newest release of her video game. She’s exhausted and on the East coast in a media tour promoting it. She’s planning a tiny rendezvous with her husband in Pittsburg after he attends a fire convention. She can’t wait, she’s missed the big lug.

And she has something to tell him, something that might change everything.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin 
  • Cover Models: Madison Howard and Kyle English 
  • Published August 2021

Hello Again: A Military Man romance (Book 13)

Everett Smith had planned to retire from the military, he had his goals plainly in sight for another dozen or so years. A phone call from his hometown brought those plans to a screeching halt. His high school sweetheart and the only girl he’d ever loved was, finally, divorced from her abusive husband. Now after fulfilling the last two years of his four-year commitment, he was on his way home to try to win back his girl.

Janet Anderson’s life had settled into a wonderful routine. She was supporting herself and her two kids. Her ex-husband was in prison after beating her senseless and then resisting arrest, threatening to kill anyone who tried to keep him away. Her mom happily watched her kids if she wanted a night out with friends. Life was good.

When her old boyfriend Everett walked into the bar the night of the welcome home party for her brother, Janet was shocked to see him. It had been eighteen years since he’d joined the army and left their town. During her disaster of a marriage she’d sometimes wondered what if… but that did not mean she was interested in a second time around with the gorgeous man. No, it did not.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin 
  • Cover Models:  Kristen Lazarus-Wood & Charles Smith
  • Published September 2021
Friends to Lovers.
Kyle Moore wants to know what this new interloper is doing taking his girl out for dinner. Sure, he and Samantha Prescott are just friends, but they do everything together. And sometimes when the timing and feelings are just right, they are friends with benefits. So, what is she doing going out with the new guy in town? Kyle doesn’t like it one bit, and needs to figure out why that is, with a quickness.
Samantha is shocked when her customer invites her out for dinner. She’s chatted with him on his daily trips into her bakery, Warm Buns, but mostly about food. He’s new to town, so he probably doesn’t know that she spends all her time with Kyle. Then again, they are just friends, and Kyle seems to be happy with that. Neither she nor Kyle have ever mentioned taking their relationship further, even if that’s what she would like to happen.

So why not go out to dinner with the new guy, what could it hurt?

  • Photography by Stacy Powell 
  • Cover Models:  Julie Mick-Schalm & Justin Pearce
  • Published February 2022
Cops and Dispatchers, too intense to match.

Dispatcher Michelle Dubois reluctantly attends the conference in Pittsburg. She doesn’t mind the idea of a conference but this one takes two days to get to, with the road travel from the remote Washington town she lives in and then an all-day air trip. Once the travel is over, she throws herself into the conference to make the most of it. She’s not looking for a man, but the sizzle from the guy at the registration desk has her mind whirling.

Officer Peter Wright always looks forward to the conference they hold in his city, especially this year after closing a brutal case. When sparks shoot up his arm by shaking hands with one of the dispatchers he’s compelled to spend as much time with her as possible. Michelle is only in Pittsburg for a week, so she’s a distraction with an expiration date, then it’s back to the real world. The brutal real world.

Could Michelle’s small town be the change he’s looking for?

  • Photography by Stacy Powell
  • Cover models Kayce Kyle and Christian James
  • Published March 2022

Coming for Christmas 2022 – The Rancher finds a Wife