Books – Saddles and Secrets Series – Cowboy Romance

The Lawman (Book 1)

Sabotage on Maggie Ann’s horse rescue ranch has her reaching for her phone to call the sheriff, John Beaumont. Maggie Ann hasn’t had much interaction with her former high school sweetheart since she returned to the family ranch eight months ago, after her divorce. Her ex having traded her in for a younger woman.

John’s first order of business is to protect the citizens in the northern Wyoming county, but when Maggie Ann calls, he’s out the door in seconds. Determined to protect the only woman he’s ever loved, he needs to delve deep into why someone would be out to get her.

Working together to find a motive for the sabotage leads to feelings, long ago buried, resurfacing. First in new series where secrets abound and feelings return, in this second chance romance.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of JW Photography
  • Cover models: Melissa Fillmore & Craig Fillmore
  • Published January 2020

The Watcher (Book 2)

Bobby and Chrissy were inseparable as kids, running wild in the neighborhoods of the small town in Wyoming. It was a great place to grow up and they promised each other, they would always be best friends. Right up until the day his family moved far, far away, for a better job.

Christina McMillan is working at a horse rescue ranch. She loves her job and it gives her a lot of time to think about life and her past. For some reason, thoughts of her long-ago friendship with Bobby keep popping into her head.

Rob Jenkins is back in the town he spent his early life in, stealthily looking for his best friend Chrissy. If only he knew her real name. How many names could Chrissy be short for? Lots and lots. When he luckily sees a woman that could be her, he follows, but doesn’t approach. His Chrissy didn’t know a thing about horses.

After watching for a few days, he determines it is her. Before he can approach, he’s arrested. When Christina finds out she’s furious. Not a great start to rebuilding a friendship.

  • Photography by Kruse Images and Photgraphy
  • Cover models: Aurora O’Brien and Lance Jones
  • Published June 2020

The Rescuer (Book 3)

Milly Astara fled Chicago to escape her violent ex-boyfriend, landing in the small town of Bedford, Wyoming. Thank God they’d never married. But he’s somehow gotten her phone number and is sending her harassing texts. He’d be breaking parole to come after her, so she should be safe. The sheriff is unaware of this current campaign to torment her, maybe it’s time to clue him in.

Tim Jefferson is new to town and only there for a week before calving season starts in his hometown in Chedwick, Washington. His first encounter in this roadside Wyoming town is with Milly, the pretty hostess of the restaurant where he’s meeting the woman wanting him to produce a bunch of small sculptures for her non-profit. Tim can’t help but notice the tension on Milly’s pretty face when she seats him. He sure would like to help ease that.

But what good can he do in a short seven days?

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of JW Photography
  • Cover models: Katy Mccain and Robert Kelly
  • Published July 2020

The Vacation (Short story Book 4)

Andrea Clementine has a wonderful vacation planned. Nine whole days away from work, from home, from everything but fun. Right up until her car conks out, not even halfway to her destination. Her vacation is ruined, and she’s stranded on the side of the road.

Carl Ray Black is on his way to a conference when he sees a familiar car stopped not quite all the way onto the shoulder. He can’t leave the only woman he’s ever loved abandoned, even if she does hate him with the heat of a million suns.

When they discover they are bound for the same location, Carl Ray offers her a ride. Andrea would ride with a serial killer to start her vacation, as planned. Can they spend five hours in the car together, alone, without murder being committed?

Join Andrea and Carl Ray to find out why they are at odds and see if this could possibly be a second chance for love.

  • Published June 2020
The man next door.

Rafe Carlson’s first day home after an infinite buying trip has him discovering some of his neighbor’s geriatric horses on his land have wandered over to graze. He takes the two he’s found and heads for his neighbor’s land. When he gets to the fence that should be separating the two properties, he finds it’s been torn down, deliberately.

Terri West is shocked at the rugged beauty of Maggie Ann’s neighbor. The man has arms that won’t quit. They’ve been trying to get with him for months about the sabotage to the horse ranch and now he finally appears with two of the horses. The women know there should be two more in the field they had been in.

Terri and Rafe set off to find the other horses and even though they are total opposites they just seem to click. Is that enough to build a relationship on? Find out in this conclusion to the saddles and secrets series.

  • Photography by Tom Tyson
  • Cover models Samantha Rickey and Shane Rice
  • Published Oct 2021