Books (Non-Series)

Helluva Engineer

How hard is it to re-ignite an old flame?

Steve Sampson has one week to convince his college sweetheart to give him the second chance he craves. He still loves her and knows he was a fool to let her go. Steve learned the hard way, that sometimes being a hero comes at a cost that’s impossible to live with.

Dr. Patricia Decatur is content as a professor at her mineral engineering college in Colorado. She’s got a fulfilling career and is excited to be helping with the Energy Summit being held on campus. Right up until she finds out who the keynote speaker is. Ten years ago, Steve broke her heart. She’s not interested in a repeat of that event.

As the keynote speaker Steve has plenty to share with the students and faculty. The bigger challenge will be to explain his past actions to his former girlfriend and entice (or let’s be honest, beg, if necessary) Patricia to give him a chance to redeem himself.

A stand-alone romance. These two engineers must reconcile their past, to savor the present, and determine if they can have a future…together.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin
  • Cover models: Dan Rengering and Kristen Lazarus-Wood
  • Published June 2019

Saving Chedwick

Chedwick is situated on the beautiful Lake Chelan in eastern Washington. It’s an ideal vacation location, unfortunately, tourists are not coming in droves. In fact, the residents are leaving for greener pastures. Mayor Carol Anderson has no intention of letting the town her family helped establish die. When she calls a town meeting the residents come up with several suggestions. The four books in this collection tell how they revive their dying town and turn it into a booming tourist destination while at the same time bring Happily Ever After’s to four couples.

Sawdust and Satin – Chris and his wife Barbara build an Amusement park and a Wedding Boutique, while growing in their marriage from the immature love they had in high school, to the love that will last a lifetime. Even when outside influences do their best to break them apart.

Designs on Her – Kristen is forced to flee her mountain home when a forest fire threatens. She’s not a fan of town and likes her isolation on the mountain. But the new-to-town hunky cop might just change her mind. Along with an art gallery that seems to spring up out of nowhere.

Smokin’ – Jeremy and Amber have too many secrets for a love affair. But destiny doesn’t give a flip about their secrets or fears. When a fire starts in Amber’s banquet room, and Jeremy rescues her, the town encourages her to rebuild on a grander scale to help enhance the town as a wedding destination.

Fire on the Mountain – Hotshot Trey is in Washington to fight the fire raging on the mountain, but a close encounter with the town’s lovable wild woman, Mary Ann, causes a very different conflagration in his heart. Summer firefighting is temporary, but his internet design business can be done from anywhere, and is just what the town needs.

Join these four couples as they traverse the landscape of love and desire, while simultaneously saving their town from a slow and painful death. There will be quirky characters, suspenseful moments, sexy times, firefighter pranks, and a peacock who rules the town.

  • Published August 2019