Books – Burlap and Barbed Wire Series – Cowboy Romance

Dear Readers: You first saw Alyssa Jefferson in The Lake Chelan Series in the book The Rancher’s Lady. In that book she was the precocious eight year old matchmaker for her father and her third grade teacher.  Well now Alyssa is all grown up and ready for her own story!

A Cowboy for Alyssa (Book 1)

Alyssa Jefferson is ready to start her veterinary internship at the Rockin’ K ranch, in the beautiful Colorado Rockies, where she will be assisting with the births of over three hundred pregnant cows. It’s a dream come true, and she’s so excited the joy is oozing from her. As icing on the cake, it appears the brothers that own the ranch are sexy as can be. A few months with some eye candy, is just what the doctor ordered.

Beau Kipling sees the sweet young thing coming for her riding lesson, and feels a kick to his gut. What is this hot young woman doing dating a man old enough to be her father? He’s so ticked off, he can’t stop himself from being an ass to her. He’s never, in his whole life, felt the instant attraction he feels for this female, and she’s some old guys arm candy.

When the truth is revealed, that Alyssa is his intern for the spring, and not the sheriff’s new girlfriend, Beau knows he’s blown it. And he can’t even explain why he was so mean. No woman wants to hear a guy thought she was a gold digger. Now they must work together all spring. Can he convince her to give him a second chance?

  • Photography by Tom Tyson
  • Cover models: Shane Rice and Amanda Wilson
  • Cover design by Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs
  • Editing by Deelylah Mullin
  • Formatting by Cora Cade
  • Published January 2018

Taming Adam (book 2)

There are five brothers. Each one of them have killer good looks. One is engaged to her best friend. That leaves four to flirt with, four hot men, so why does she only have eyes for the oldest grumpiest one in the bunch. Rachel Reardon has to question her own sanity when she’s enthralled with a man she can hardly stand to speak to. A first-class jerk and sexy as sin. 

Adam Kipling can’t believe his bad luck when his soon-to-be sister-in-law’s best friend arrives. She is smoking hot and too damn young for him. He has responsibilities as the oldest sibling and they do not include flirting with young women. 

There isn’t enough land on this Colorado ranch to keep them far enough apart. An explosion of some sort is inevitable.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of  JW Photography
  • Cover models: Wade Hayes and Deanna Ruge
  • Cover design by Cassie Roop of Pink Ink Design
  • Editing by Carol Tietsworth
  • Formatting by Cora Cade
  • Published March 2018

Tempting Chase (book 3)

Friends forever. Chase Kipling and his twin brother Cade have been best friends with Katie since grade school. They hang out together all the time, riding horses, playing cards, going to movies and sporting events. A fun friendship for all three of them. Until a new guy in town mentions what a sexy woman she is. Chase sees red at the comment, how dare some guy lust after his best friend. Sure, she’s beautiful and sexy and has a great laugh… and now his eyes are opened and there’s no turning back.

Katie Jackson has known Chase since first grade, she’s had a crush on him since middle school, and loved him since, well, probably forever. But he’s got her firmly in the friend zone and she has no idea how to change that. Or if she even wants to risk changing it. After all friends is better than nothing. Isn’t it?

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of  JW Photography
  • Cover models: Amanda Renee and Travis Keen
  • Cover design by Cassie Roop of Pink Ink Design
  • Editing by Carol Tietsworth
  • Formatting by Cora Cade
  • Published July 2018

Roping Cade (book 4)

Summer Attwood has been hiding in baggy clothes and ugly glasses for nearly ten years. When the town hottie asks her to be his faux girl-friend for a couple of weeks she decides it’s time to put away the disguise and shine.

Cade Kipling can’t believe the beautiful woman that emerges from the cocoon of overalls and over sized glasses. If he wasn’t dead set on taking a few months to get his head on straight, after his long time abusive girl-friend dumped him, he’d be after Summer in a heartbeat.

Two weeks of dating will either kill them or change their lives forever.

  • Photography by Jean Woodfin of JW Photography
  • Cover models: Kristen Lazarus-Wood & Travis Keen
  • Back cover models: Kristen Lazarus- Wood & Adrian Broadhurst
  • Editing by Carol Tietsworth
  • Formatting by Cora Cade
  • Published September 2018

Coming this summer! The last two books in the Colorado Cowboys – Burlap and Barbed Wire series.

Drew’s story will be available in the early summer where he will be cast into the role of sexy protector for a woman on the run. The biggest problem is that she can’t remember who she is or what she’s running from.

Emma’s tale will follow shortly after, to reveal who little Tony’s father is. This secret baby romance will surprise the heck out of a number of people, including Emma.

Then stay tuned, in 2020 when the Burlap and Barbed Wire novels move to the great state of Wyoming, where the Wyoming Wranglers will strut their stuff before they fall hats over boots in love with some foxy ladies. Who will graciously show them who really wears the jeans in the family.